April 6, 2020

How Often Should You Clean A Sex Doll – And How?

Sex dolls are used for the purpose of sexual intercourse. Therefore you touch it, kiss it, and jerk on it. Skin and other parts of the body are rubbed or have in contact with it. Because of that, the possibility of bacterial and fungal growth is there. Therefore, they require regular cleaning to avoid bacterial and fungal infestation. Neglecting such a task would definitely bring you to harm.

How often should we clean our sex dolls?

The ideal cleaning of a sex doll should be after using it. Every time you use the doll, you need to clean it because you don’t know what has contacted it while it’s not in use. Then, after using the doll, you should clean it as well so that all the dirt and stuff will be removed. This will avoid bacterial infestation and other problems that may occur.

You also need to understand that cleaning a sex doll after use will prolong the longevity and durability of the doll. This is a good practice that needs to be consistently maintained. Dolls are made of materials that can absorb any dirt and stain; therefore, they need to be cleaned.

Sex dolls that were already cleaned and yet unused should be bathed after 30 days. This will maintain the cleanliness of the doll and will remove dust and bacteria that might get in while it’s on standby.

How to clean your sex dolls?

When it comes to cleaning a sex doll, you need to understand first what type of material is your sex doll. There are sex dolls that are made from silicone, while others are made from TPE or thermoplastic elastomer. So when cleaning it, you need to avoid chemicals that could damage the material. Some sex doll packages would give you a complete guide on how to clean and maintain your sex doll.

Using detergents is also good, but you should choose milder products and not the strong ones. Some can damage the material of the doll, and others can lead to discoloration.

It is also important to note that your sex doll’s head should not be submerged underwater. Use a clean and soft cloth to clean the face and mouth. In some sex doll packages, they come with a specialized cleaner to clean delicate areas. Clean the mouth, butt hole, and vaginal area thoroughly. Make sure that you wipe the doll dry with a soft, absorbent towel or cloth before storing it.