April 6, 2020

The Drawbacks Of Buying A Cheap Sex Doll

There is a difference between expensive and inexpensive items. The quality alone has a lot to tell and it could be the selling point of most products and services. Honestly, there are cheap items with mediocre quality. But it can be counted by our finger. Believe it or not, cheap items are not as good as expensive items because all expensive items are mostly a brand. And we know for a fact that brands never compromised their products.

Just like any cheap items, cheap sex dolls feels more like plastic and not durable. Money-wise, you are paying for the items so it’s likely that you get the price that you paid for. You wouldn’t want a sex doll that looked like a bruised Pamela Anderson, or a disfigured fictional character?

Drawbacks Of Cheap Dolls

There are drawbacks that come with buying inexpensive sex doll.

You Got What You Paid For

This maybe good or bad depending on you, but for most part, it’s undeniable that cheap sex dolls, isn’t as durable compared to their expensive counterparts.


Quality is always the major concern when it comes to buying a product. This determines what we paid and the amount that we paid. Expensive sex dolls have a higher quality level since it uses expensive materials while cheap dolls mostly manufactured from a low cost inexpensive materials. Since most realistic dolls ranges from expensive price, its quality is never compromised compared to the cheaper dolls.

Unrealistic Copy Or Replica

Realistic sex dolls are created for the exact image or replica of the owner’s choice. For the cheap dolls, it’s unlikely that it will look exactly like the pornstar or fictional character of your choice. The worst is, it might not even look like one.

How Often Should You Clean A Sex Doll – And How?

Sex dolls are used for the purpose of sexual intercourse. Therefore you touch it, kiss it, and jerk on it. Skin and other parts of the body are rubbed or have in contact with it. Because of that, the possibility of bacterial and fungal growth is there. Therefore, they require regular cleaning to avoid bacterial and fungal infestation. Neglecting such a task would definitely bring you to harm.

How often should we clean our sex dolls?

The ideal cleaning of a sex doll should be after using it. Every time you use the doll, you need to clean it because you don’t know what has contacted it while it’s not in use. Then, after using the doll, you should clean it as well so that all the dirt and stuff will be removed. This will avoid bacterial infestation and other problems that may occur.

You also need to understand that cleaning a sex doll after use will prolong the longevity and durability of the doll. This is a good practice that needs to be consistently maintained. Dolls are made of materials that can absorb any dirt and stain; therefore, they need to be cleaned.

Sex dolls that were already cleaned and yet unused should be bathed after 30 days. This will maintain the cleanliness of the doll and will remove dust and bacteria that might get in while it’s on standby.

How to clean your sex dolls?

When it comes to cleaning a sex doll, you need to understand first what type of material is your sex doll. There are sex dolls that are made from silicone, while others are made from TPE or thermoplastic elastomer. So when cleaning it, you need to avoid chemicals that could damage the material. Some sex doll packages would give you a complete guide on how to clean and maintain your sex doll.

Using detergents is also good, but you should choose milder products and not the strong ones. Some can damage the material of the doll, and others can lead to discoloration.

It is also important to note that your sex doll’s head should not be submerged underwater. Use a clean and soft cloth to clean the face and mouth. In some sex doll packages, they come with a specialized cleaner to clean delicate areas. Clean the mouth, butt hole, and vaginal area thoroughly. Make sure that you wipe the doll dry with a soft, absorbent towel or cloth before storing it.

Even Better Than The Real Thing: Curvy Sex Dolls

Some people want companionship, but to something that can give them trouble. Some people only want to have another being to accompany them and not necessarily to start relationships with. This is what love dolls are for. 

They are things that you can buy and stay together with, without the pressures of a real relationship.

There are plenty of types of love dolls that you can find in the market. There are curvy sex dolls that tend to be the favorite of many. This is because love dolls can have the figure that any client wants without ever having to change over time. 

For many love dolls help them cope with mental help and happiness.

Finding Intimacy With Love Dolls

Many people who have curvy sex dolls tend to feel the comfort of the companionship that they’re looking for. When people think of love dolls, one of the first things that come to mind for them would be realistic love dolls. 

These are high-quality love dolls that have the appearance of real life people.

Contrary to what most think, there are love dolls that still look like dolls. Realistic looking dolls are those that resemble human faces and hair closer. These are more expensive and 

are made out of better quality material. 

They are also life-sized and are fitted with anatomically correct orifices.

The usual height of realistic love dolls are around five and six feet tall. If you want the net closest thing to a human being them realistic dolls should be the ones to go for. Sometimes people can’t even tell the difference in pictures because of how lifelike the dolls seem to be.

Getting Accessories For Realistic Love Dolls

One of the many perks of realistic love dolls is that you can buy them things that real people use. These can include dresses, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, eye accessories, socks, bags, and so on. 

In a way you can play dress up with them depending on what look you want your love doll to have.

Because of how well their love dolls look, some people take them out for dates. You can find pictures of people and their love dolls in the park, at the cafe, on a picnic, or even on road trips. 

One thing to bear in mind is that love dolls can also be as heavy as humans. Having to carry them around also means you need to be ware of how heavy they are. Most weight about 50 to 60 lbs and the higher quality goes at 100 lbs.

The Most Realistic Male Sex Doll Ever – Large And Ready To Fuck

In buying a love doll, you need to know what you want. This is because you will be overwhelmed with options when you get one. There is more than one ind of love doll and it helps when you’re aware of the choices that you have.

You can choose to get well-endowed male sex dolls or those with smaller physique. Jut like female love dolls, male love dolls are also open for customizing. Love dolls are a cool investment and it can help you with your well-being.

Knowing Which Male Love Doll Is Best For You

Some people prefer well-endowed male sex dolls while some prefer taller ones, shorter ones, and so on. It helps when you have a personal guide on how you can make the right choices. 

Of course, you can still swap out some parts of your male love doll afterwards, but the body shape must be already correct. One thing to note is that there are standard male love dolls you can choose from. 

There are High-end Luxury love dolls, Mid-Range love dolls, Entry-Level love dolls, Celebrity love dolls, Fantasy love dolls, and so on. The choices can go on forever and you wouldn’t want to end yup getting too confused on what is the best choice.

Should You Go For The Most Extensive Love Dolls?

Pricey love dolls are not for everybody. But if you’re sure about your decision and are willing to spend the money, then you can do so. The high end ones are the best-quality for your money. They are usually made by hand and the details are made to be exact

This means that you can get love dolls that look more realistic than the rest. They are so lifelike and also well contoured. You can find that even the smallest features such as the eyelashes will have great detail in them.

Things like the color and shape of eyes are also close to real life which makes your love idol experience even more real. The materials for high-grade love dolls come from medical-grade macro-molecule silicone. Not only that but it is also platinum cured.

Getting The Best Male Love Doll

The perfect male love doll is one that has the features that you like and one that you can afford. Don’t force yourself to buy something out of your budget. Other standard love dolls are also good in quality. You simply have to look for them carefully.