April 6, 2020

No-Pressure To Lose Your Virginity: Use A Love Doll

Some people have issues about being a virgin. They don’t want to lose their virginity in just a single one nightstand. The reason why someone would have issues on that particular matter could be personal and private. But why worry about that when you can have lots of alternatives to use.

What are the best alternatives for this? Usually, young guys will try live video chat with horny girls or simply look for top rated cam girls available for some nasty hot live sex action. It is common they are looking for cheap sexcams to save some money while searching for favorite fetish cams.

That’s fine but the next step is to try it with a fuck doll. Well, we have lots of options in the wide range of sex toys that we have, but one of the best and yet the closest one to reality is the sex dolls or love dolls. Why are they the best alternatives? Here are some of the reasons why.

You can always keep your sexual activity in private

You will experience real sex in the exact sensation and manner with the sex doll without anyone knowing it. All your sexual activities, no matter how frequent they are or how kinky they are ( humiliation, BDSM, your regular strapon chat sessions, etc), would always be in private or in secret. Not unless you want to tell somebody about it. But the button line is that you are still a virgin.

You can brag about not being a not a virgin without anyone knowing every detail

You can always keep the details of your virgin state in secret. If you choose not to tell them that you are using sex dolls, no one will know. Anyway, sex dolls are delivered in your doorstep in a discreet box so no one will have an idea.

It might look real, but it’s not a real person

If you are pretty much concern about losing your virginity to a person and you want to preserve yourself until marriage, sex dolls are the best option. They may look like the real one and feel like the real one, but they are not a real person. Some may talk and make conversations, but they do not display the essential qualities of a real person. Therefore, you are still a virgin technically, no matter how many times you had sexual activity with your sex dolls.

You can leave all the trace behind

Having sex with a real person can leave lots of traces. Your sex partner would even talk about it to her friends. Other people would see you getting in and out in the motel or inn. People and someone who knows it might be talking about it. If the girl gets pregnant accidentally, that would be another issue, and it will prove you have not a virgin anymore.