April 6, 2020

The Many Ways You Can Have Your Sex Doll Customized

Sex dolls are now popular for men and women. It gives them a distinct satisfaction that no other sex toy can. The experience of having a sex doll is now revolutionized due to modern technology and state of the art materials. Also, due to some newly found resources and techniques, sex dolls can be improved or modified through customization.

There are several ways to customizing a sex doll. Of course, you need to pay a little extra for ordering a customized sex doll. Customization would cost you, especially if it’s on the highest level. So how will you customize your sex doll? Here are some of the ways to do the customization.

You can customize your sex doll to look like a celebrity

You might have a particular beautiful celebrity that you are fantasizing with. Sex doll companies offer customization to make your sex doll look like the celebrity that you love to have sex. It would be a dream coming to reality. It would be something to have your favourite celebrity lying with you in your bed.

You can customize your sex doll to look like anybody you want

You might not have a celebrity crush, but you have a crush on somebody, a girl next door perhaps. You can request the sex doll company to customize your dolls to have them look like the person you want. You just send in a photo of the person, and you will have it delivered to you in the way you want them to look like. Don’t worry because sex doll deliveries are always in a discreet package. There will be no sign or label that will indicate that it’s a sex doll.

You can make them talk to you

In a more revolutionized way of customizing a sex doll, you can customize them to talk. With the help of robotics, mechanical and computerized technology, sex dolls can now speak. They can even have a regular conversation with someone. They can respond to questions and also tell you stories. All you need is to have them customized.

You can create your own character in the sex doll

You can customize your sex doll to look like your favorite character. The easiest way to do that is by dressing up your doll. Because they are life-size and they can be moved or positioned in different ways, you can dress them up with real clothes. This will add more thrill and excitement to sex. Actually, you can give them roles, from submissive teens up to real femdom ladies or whatever that your inner fetish is telling you to do.